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Nick Ioannou 
Guitarist, Product Demonstrator, Teacher. 

Nick Ioannou is an accomplished blues and rock guitarist, originally from North London and currently residing in Guildford, UK. In 2010, after undertaking a BA degree in Music Performance at York St. John University, Nick graduated with honours.

Following his graduation, Nick was keen to increase his professional online presence, and after the successful launch of his website and Facebook page, Nick’s YouTube channel was born. As of January 2013, ‘NickGuitarify’ has over 1000 subscribers and 125000 views which are increasing rapidly. His high quality videos – a combination of product demonstrations and original content – are watched by people worldwide.

“Nick has a great feel – a nice, classic bluesy vocabulary with some country influences”

- Eddie Kramer (Legendary producer, Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin, The Beatles).

Nick’s passionate style of playing – an honest, raw and tasteful mix of blues, rock and jazz guitar – has its roots embedded in his love for artists such as Robben Ford, Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton and Blues Saraceno. Nick has attracted many comments from significant people in the industry. Eddie Kramer, commenting on Nick’s playing, says: “He has a great feel – a nice, classic bluesy vocabulary with some country influences. He plays with a sense of honesty.”

“Nick has a rare depth to his playing, which speaks volumes in both phrasing and note choice”

- Robert Chapman (YouTube personality, presenter, guitar company/festival owner).

Nick’s long-term aim is to work full-time in the music industry, to continue building his skills and to be affiliated with the products and companies that he uses and cares about.